Tacey Electric

Our Mission and Our Values

Tacey Electric doesn't try to be the lowest price, but the best value. Our high end technical expertise combined with our relationship based customer service, helps facilitate and environment of trust and peace of mind with our customers. That enables us to serve them now and for many years into the future.


Founded by Bill Tacey and Jim Anderson in 1962, Tacey Electric began predominately as a residential service provider. Through a feverish desire for customer satisfaction and to meet the needs of a growing and ever changing market Tacey Electric quickly expanded into the commercial and industrial market.

Since Randall Tacey took over the family business in 1993 Tacey Electric has been able to continue serving the Quad Cities while maintaining a strong residential, commercial and industrial customer base.

For our customers safety our electricians undergo random drug testing with a thorough background check. Tacey Electric technicians also participate in continuing education to keep up with codes and the latest in product development. Our recommendations are based on proven technologies and Tacey Electric technicians are given results based evaluation every six months.